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The History of the Power64 Logo

Once apon a time I designed a Logo for Power64. Many people considered it ugly and, with great artistic skill, created new logos and sent them to me. Enjoy the collection of the contributions.

The original Logo used in Power64 version 1.1:

Original Power64 Logo (360x62 - 2.9 KByte)

The Logo of Version 1.2 to 1.4 by Andi 'Artix' Goehler:

Power64 Logo by A.Goehler (398x126 - 6.8 KByte)

The current Logo by Claus Skrepek:

Power64 Logo by C. Skrepek (275x50 - 5.3 KByte)

Power64 Logo 2 by C. Skrepek(265x50 - 4.4 KByte)

A beautiful logo by Stefan Haddewig:

Power64 Logo by S. Haddewig (398x126 - 12.6 KByte)

Variations by Andreas Varga:

Power64 Logo by A.Varga #1 (195x47 - 1.1 KByte)

Power64 Logo by A.Varga #2 (195x47 - 2.4 KByte)

Power64 Logo by A.Varga #3 (195x47 - 2.4 KByte)

Power64 Logo by A.Varga #4 (195x47 - 2.0 KByte)

A great Image (not exaktly a logo) by Maurizio Memoli:

Power64 Logo by M.Memoli (219x141 - 6.9 KByte)

Another nice Image by Michael Picagli:

Power64 Logo by Michael Picagli (488x163 - 13.0 KByte)

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