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Welcome to your Commodore 64 on your Power Macintosh:

Startup Screen (410x310 - 11.9KByte)

Demo Programs included in Power64:

SMON is an excellent debugger for the C64!
SMON (410x310 - 12.9KByte)

Everybody knows this game! (Block Out)
Block Out (410x310 - 8.9KByte)

Snake eats Snake (and Mice)!
Serpentine (410x310 - 9.7KByte)

Work with GEOS:

GEOS Desktop
GEOS Desktop (410x310 - 13.3KByte)

Write a letter with GeoWrite!
GeoWrite (410x310 - 10.8KByte)

Arcade Classics:

Mayhem in Monsterland
Mayhem in Monsterland (410x310 - 16.1KByte)

Marble Madness - Mind the gap!
Marble Madness (410x310 - 13.7KByte)

Elite - Become a sucessful trader, smuggler or maybe pirate?
Elite (410x310 - 10.7KByte)

Boulder Dash
Boulder Dash (410x310 - 16.1KByte)

Wizball (410x310 - 12.7KByte)

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong (410x310 - 12.6KByte)

Archon - The eternal fight between Chaos and Order
Archon (410x310 - 11.3KByte)

Classic PacMan - No expanation necessary
PacMan (410x310 - 10.4KByte)

Pacmania - Pacman goes 3D
PacMania (410x310 - 12.7KByte)

Ghostbusters - I ain't 'fraid of no ghost
Ghostbusters (410x310 - 11.1KByte)

Falcon Patrol
Falcon Patrol (410x310 - 10.8KByte)

Fort Apocalypse
Fort Apocalypse (410x310 - 12.0KByte)

Internat. Karate
International Karate (410x310 - 16.9KByte)

Internat. Karate II
International Karate 2(410x310 - 17.0KByte)

Impossible Mission - Another visitor - Stay a while - Stay forever
Impossible Mission (410x310 - 11.9KByte)

Crossfire (410x310 - 10.2KByte)

Thrust (410x310 - 9.0KByte)

Pitstop II
Pitstop II (410x310 - 12.8KByte)

Turbo Outrun
Turbo Outrun (410x310 - 16.0KByte)

Mega Phoenix - using a Mega Screen
Mega Phoenix (410x342 - 15.6KByte)

Hey mister computer man, play a song for me
Little Computer People Project(410x310 - 13.8KByte)


Beware of Space Cowboys!
Zak McKracken (410x310 - 13.5KByte)

Who has done it?
Perry Mason: Mandarin Murder (410x310 - 13.7KByte)

Dragonworld (410x310 - 12.3KByte)


Where have all the borders gone? (Think Twice V - The Judges)
Think Twice V/1 (410x310 - 12.1KByte)

Nobody has borders any more? (Wonderland - Censor Design)
Wonderland (410x310 - 10.6KByte)

Fly, Oh mighty Dragon, and scroll smoothly (Dutch Breeze - Blackmail)
Peter & Dragon (410x310 - 16.3KByte)

Flexible Line Distance as a Demo (Think Twice I - The Judges)
FLD Demo (White - The Judges) (410x310 - 9.7KByte)

Flexible Line Interpretation Demo (Dutch Breeze - The Collection - Black Mail)
FLI Demo (Dutch Breeze - Black Mail) (410x310 - 16.4KByte)

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