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Power20 4.9.5 contains both supported languages (English, German) in a single file. Power20 is optimised for PowerPC-Macs, but will work fine on Intel-Macs too.
Download Power20 4.9.5 OS X Edition (Compressed Disk Image (*.dmg), 1397 KByte)
Download Power20 4.9.5 OS X Edition (ZIP Archive, 1363 KByte)

Power64 4.9.3 was the last version of Power64 supporting Classic MacOS. Even so this release is no longer officially supported, it is still available for download.
Download Power20 4.9.3 Classic MacOS Edition (StuffIt compressed, 926KByte)

If there is any trouble downloading Power20, send me an EMail and I will try to help (eg. send you Power20 via EMail).

Register Power20 online at http://order.kagi.com/?5G

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